Topshir – Construction Chemical Company in Bangladesh

We are a construction and construction chemical company we are running our business from 2008.

Topshir Ahamed Ltd construction and Construction chemical company in Bangladesh one amongst the legendary and recognized corporations manufacturing and distributing varied wonderful construction chemicals. We have a tendency to square measure construction chemicals manufacturer and construction service supplier in Bangladesh. Our journey has been started united of the pioneer within the construction chemicals business in 2008. TAL could be a chemical (Supply and Application) mercantilism company we’ve got 2 segments Construction chemical, Agrochemical (Micro nutrient chemical and Pesticide). For construction chemicals the merchandise is: a)  Waterproofing chemicals  b) Flooring chemicals, c) Building repairing chemicals.

Our Honorable Clients

Our Building Construction Solutions


PU Concrete Industrial Floor

Epoxy flooring for industry

Epoxy flooring for industry

Epoxy flooring in Bangladesh

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Resin in bangladesh

Epoxy Resin

Concrete Admixtures

Concrete Admixtures

Crack Repair

Crack Repair

Waterproofing Membrane

Waterproofing Membrane

Dr. Fixit Waterproofing

Dr. Fixit Waterproofing

Waterproofing Coating

Waterproofing Coating

Why Chose Us Building Construction Solutions​


It’d be tough to discover a floor solution that stands the check of time whilst being chemical substances and spills plus stain resistant. Almost all forms of flooring have some disadvantages or the other. But, our epoxy flooring product specification is controlled through the producer because it meets certain basic necessities of our client’s. so, we are the first-class floors & production chemicals utility enterprise in bangladesh


When Topshir gives Commitment client’s, Topshir always tries their best. We are always looking for satisfaction for our client’s. Because we always want to provide high quality service to our client’s. We always try and deliver our first-class products for our consumer delight. and additionally we’re handling all varieties of production chemical compounds which includes waterproofing, floor hardener and epoxy floor coating and also all forms of business floors systems inclusive of self-leveling epoxy floors, and so on.

Best Service

Strength and useful resource efficiency are predominant concerns in our application approaches and most importantly we also committed to brilliant standards of sustainability service for all forms of merchandise, services and solutions. by means of the facet of the tools and devices for utility, we’ve got full of aid with all kinds of modern-day items. Our worldwide fashionable application approaches and all time customer service is our motto.

Global Experties

Every day, innovators in the business world make new merchandise and strategies plus thoughts. They control to look at problems in a different way and provide you with answers others can’t and they provide an limitless stream of cost to their businesses because of that whenever we strive to develop our work for our patron pleasure. Our expert applicators are specifically skilled from the USA, the United Kingdom, UAE, Germany, Malaysia, China, Singapore, India and many other nations.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a specialty chemical company?

Speciality chemicals (also called specialties or effect chemicals) are particular chemical products which provide a wide variety of effects on which many other industry sectors rely. … In the USA the speciality chemical manufacturers are members of the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA).

What are the chemicals used in construction?

What are concrete chemicals?

Concrete chemicals or admixtures are materials other than cement, aggregate and water that are added to concrete either before or during its mixing to alter its properties, such as work ability, curing temperature range, set time or color.

Which waterproofing is best?

DR. Fixit waterproofing Chemicals is the Best in Bangladesh

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