Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Chemicals in Bangladesh

We supply Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Chemicals in Bangladesh market. We supply Waterproofing Chemicals in Bangladesh for a long time. We have strong Technical and distributor agreement with a world-class producer all over the world. Our Supply ability and Network make our top position in the Bangladesh market. So, we are the best Dr. Fixit waterproofing chemicals supplier in Bangladesh for your constriction.

One of the most common difficulties in Bangladesh is a water leak at your Building construction structures. That this leaky water not solely damages the structures however it also hampers the creative look. Thus, it causes progress of plant life and protects, damp and further the peeling out paint or coating.

Concrete is porous and much of micro-cracks, that absorbs water naturally. That absorbs water contaminants, salt plus different chemicals and cause decay. just in case you wish to save lots of your concrete and also confirm it’s a sturdy life, waterproofing is important.

Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Chemicals may be a system that prevents water from your concrete structure penetrating absorb water. Waterproofing technique is very imperative because it advantages to preserve your house dry, healthy plus safe. It makes bound to decrease wetness absorbs into the concrete. Thereby protects concrete from harm made because of humidness or water exposure.

Water is obligatory for concrete natural action. Similar, Water is very dangerous for concrete when natural action. So that, concrete Waterproofing may be a terribly vital subject for living fine and healthy construction

Some Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Chemicals that we supply:

Dr. Fixit Prime seal:

We have engraved a distinct segment amongst the foremost sure names during this business. Engaged in giving a comprehensive vary of Dr. Fixit Prime seal.

Dr. Fixit Prime seal may be a water-based primer composed of acrylic emulsion compound, properly chosen fine fillers, white pigments & additives in water as a medium. It is used as a primer over exterior & interior building walls before application of water-based paints.

Dr. Fixit Crack X Paste:

Dr. Fixit Crack-X Paste Is Composed of High Quality, Weather Durable Acrylic Emulsion Polymer, Graded Tillers, Light Fast Pigment & Additives. It Is a Single Pack, Ready to Use Lexile Putty for Idling Cracks in Plastered Surfaces Because of Its Excellent Bonding. Ease of Application, Water Resistance, Aesthetic Appearance & Durability.

Dr. Fixit Crack X Powder:

Dr. Fixit Crack-X Powder could be a Cement primarily based compound changed Powder Material for Filling Cracks in Plastered Surface. Its Composed of Cement, properly selected Aggregates, compound & Additives which needs on-site Addition of Water solely. it’s Ideal to Fill 3 to 5 millimeter Wider Static Cracks.

For Leveling Up Walls Before covering and for Skimming enlarged cinnamon and amphibole as a result of its sturdy Adhesion. Is Non-Shrink in Nature, smart Water Resistance Properties & Weathering sturdiness. Cracks full of Dr. Fixit Crack-X Powder Enhances the next Paintings Quality and Life.

Dr. Fixit Krystal line:

Dr. Fixit Krystal line consists of high-quality cement, properly elite inert aggregates, owner waterproofing active chemicals & additives. it’s used as a with chemicals active waterproofing treatment for concrete. Dr. Fixit Krystal line, once mixed with water and applied as a brush coat to concrete.

It penetrates deeply into the capillaries of the concrete to create billions of needle-like crystals. That block the pores, voids & micro-cracks in concrete. it’s effective against substances of high contact pH value (Range pH 3-11 involved and 2-12 with intermittent contact).


Dr. Fixit Pedigree URP is based on modified styrene butadiene latex supplied as a ready to use bonding agent in liquid consistency. It is used for repair of spalled concrete – floors, columns, beams, slabs & waterproofing of toilets & bathrooms, small terraces, etc. As it bonds powerfully to previous & new concrete and plasters. It reduces shrinkage, prevents cracking, dirt develop & improves abrasion resistance.

“If you need any waterproofing chemicals service for your building you can contract with us. We provide only the best chemicals for your 100% satisfaction. We are the best waterproofing chemicals supplier in Bangladesh. So, you can trust our product and our services.”

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