Epoxy anchoring chemical in Bangladesh EpoxyPlus EX was analyzed according to us conventional AC308 for understanding under the IRC guidelines to withstand rotational activities in idiosyncratic layout Groups A — F.


  • Structural steel to cement
  • Re-bar and beginner pubs
  • Security challenges, fences, racking, mounts
  • Acceptable for software likely to lively loads and vibrations also into outside surroundings

Key Capabilities & Benefits

    Fixings near No Cost edges

    anchoring Devoid of growth stress

    Substantial loading capabilities

    Fire-resistant by Means of strengthening up bars to F240 classification

    The two-component nozzle-mixed resin to get constant Excellent

  • Lokfix used as Polyester Resin Grout.
  • MASTER FLOWW® 935 used as a pure epoxy resin based anchoring mortar for fixing heavy loads in critical situations.
  • La BarFix used as Polyester resign grout for high pull-out strength corrosion resistant anchoring in all structural applications.

Epoxy shot rejins

Epoxy-Resin provides permanent bonding of tiniest fractures and decodes ramifications in masonry and concrete due to the elevated glue aluminum power and underlying advantage.

WEBAC EP shot resins are harmonious with masonry mortar, brick, steel, cable and foil sheathing. WEBAC EP resin can be likewise very immune to additives, lyes, and acids that might harm the construction arrangement.

How to apply:

Injection depends upon the personality and also a state of the development structure. Initiate the shooter at filling out the tiniest fracture are as together with Epoxy Resin. From the Event, you will find flat cracks and then spend the shot outside at 1 side a Means to stop air loop-holes.

After calculating the Last packer Assess the air compressor to get appearing chlorine. A secondary shooter should to be completed on the gelling phase with this stuff (up-to approx. 30 Minutes after end of possible life). Have a careful applying sandpaper Resins: which the response rate is going to be moved from the temperatures with the Material and the structural ingredient. Bigger temperatures Only Inject pure WEBAC sandpaper resin entirely without residue out of cleaning Agents or alternative foreign problems.

Building waterproofing chemical

We are counted amongst the foremost manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Waterproofing Coatings, Water Proofing Powder, and Water Proofing Liquid. These are fabricated using best quality materials and are highly reliable. Our product range is widely used for sealing surface porous, avoiding algae and fungus in various industries. We supply these products to our clients at reasonable prices in the market. These are well known for its features like durability and flexibility.

Eazee Coat can be employed for waterproofing all kinds of RCC surfaces including roofs chajjas, parapet walls, and outside walls. Concrete cement sheets roofs may likewise be alloyed utilizing scrim material in the junctions, overlaps, and starters bolts like reinforcement.

  • being a damp proof class implemented underneath the very first level of bricks hor cubes in timber performs.

Positive Aspects:

  • Eazee Coat Is Used Straight in the can.
  • Eazee Coat remedies to offer a durable springy and flexible coating immune to a broad scope of temperature.
  • No cleaning compounds are demanded and may be cleaned with warm water if it’s still soaked.
  • only part and readily brush implemented.
  • may be employed on moist surfaces also during the wet day.
  • Mechanical harms into the system can readily be repaired by location Program.
  • The membrane makes it possible for the surface to breath.
  • Seamless Software no joints have been demanded.

Water Proof Concrete

With significant business expertise, we’re supplying waterproofing chemical for both plaster and concrete. The item is both water resistant and leaves the permanency ingredient of plaster and concrete to generate sure they are watertight everlastingly. All our assortment of all watertight compounds for plaster and concrete enriches doing work and help out with attaining dense plaster or concrete.

Injection Grouting Water-proofing

Injection grouting water-proofing includes two elements, yet one really is polymer resin and also one alternative currently being a catalyst. Both components combined and hauled into the cement or both the RCC arrangement, using a solitary element pump, and this is manual or motorized. When recovered grouting water-proofing makes a somewhat rigid and partly polyurethane constancy if it’s confronted with water or moisture. The foam arrangement effectively protects water out of leakages in this arrangement.

Integral Water Proofing Substance

Backed from the significant marketplace knowledge in giving a premium excellent assortment of all crucial water purification compounds, that will be fabricated using high-quality uncooked, parts which can be derived from your trusted and certified marketplace vendors. All these are broadly found in mortar and concrete, this particular item is just one of those steps required to reach watertight plaster or concrete that this superb assortment of fluid built-in water-proofing Merchandise can be obtained within a variety of dimensions in addition to reasonably priced rates.

To satisfy different requirements of shoppers, we provide the best excellent assortment of all RCC Terrace water-proofing services and products for our own clients that are distinguished. Below the assistance of the seasoned, proficient employees, we additionally provide help earn consumer to grasp the most complex pipes solutions. We offer these deals in the marketplace major rates all around the world.


  • RCC Terrace Water-proofing
  • Sealing Leakage by Way of throw asphalt, asphalt or stoneware pipes
  • Coating for leaky plaster Surface Area

Water-proofing Butyl Adhesive Tape

Like top water-proofing compound makers we now also provide Epoxy anchoring chemical in Bangladesh water-proofing Polynet Butyl Adhesive Tape, that will be only one facet butyle rubberized glue tape using toughened aluminum foil backing polynet and that’s employed for water-proofing all joints inside during structure procedure and soon after it.

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