Epoxy resin are the active ingredients in the coating, sealer, and other construction materials. Topshir Ahamed Ltd is a well-known construction Chemical company in Bangladesh. Our extensive knowledge about civil construction allows us to offer you top quality Epoxy resins in Bangladesh.

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin are made of reactions from two or more chemical compounds. They comprise of base and curing agent. The two agents are mixed in a specific ratio to form epoxy resins. They are used in a variety of materials in modern construction industries.

Our epoxy resins are applicable for-

  • Manufacturing high gloss coatings
  • Quartz, tiles and flooring system
  • Wood for decks, walls, and roofs
  • Architectural surfaces
  • Epoxy paints and protective coating
  • Repair system
  • Correction of chemically eroded columns
  • Repairing of eroded structures
  • Grouting of cracks etc

Because of its durability, high gloss finishing, epoxy resin is excellent for tabletops, countertops, woods and flooring. Basically, they are perfect for applications that require strong binding, high gloss finish and strength.

Characteristics Of Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resin are excellent material for a variety of construction projects. They are resistant to heat, water, and chemicals. It is used in a myriad of projects such as buildings, furniture, boats, flooring. Generally, they take several days to harden.

  • Epoxy resins are an excellent choice for laminating of high load-bearing forms.
  • Its adhesive qualities make it ideal for coating and paint finishing.
    Dimensional stability
  • Binds various materials strongly because of its bonding strength.
    Chemicals and heat resistant
  • Used in a variety of industries. For example civil engineering, electronics, construction, etc.
  • Found in liquid, solid and semi formulated paste
  • Versatile and suitable for the general environment
  • Needs placing in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight
  • Can withstand voltage, compressive strength, shrinkage
  • Faster performance
  • Can be used for various DI works
  • Low shrinkage after curing
  • Thermosetting Property
  • Great shelf life. It can last up to years.

Uses of Epoxy Resin in the Construction

  • Epoxy resins work as additives in cement to join concrete to steel or stone.
  • Epoxy resin are used as epoxy-based flooring in many industrial areas. For example, hospitals, shopping malls.
  • Sometimes it is used in marble strips for decoration or extra strength.
  • Painters use epoxy-based paints in coating surfaces of structures and bridges for durability.
  • The epoxy adhesive can firmly bond the tiles with the substrate.
  • Plumbers use epoxy resins in leak-proof sealants in the pipelines as well as bonding.
  • Epoxy resins are protective against corrosion in Bricks, Concretes, and Masonries. Epoxy coatings especially work for surfaces that come in contact with chemicals and damaging pollutants.

Difference between polyester, acrylic, and epoxy resins

Pure Epoxy Resins

These are hardeners. They work at a slower speed. That is why they perform excellently. It offers high performance and adhesion at a low shrinkage. Although Epoxy resins may cause allergy, they do not smell nasty. Pure epoxy resins work effectively on high tech clothes. They are a kind of thermosetting plastics which are used as a heater in melting solid mass. They are ideal for coating fabrics and laminates because of its thin-film properties. Some of the downsides of epoxy resins are

  • It does not appear clear as acrylic
  • It is not UV resistant, so it needs more UV resistant coating.

Polyester Resins

Polyester resins cure relatively faster than pure epoxy. They lock moisture once curing is done. Contractors who use polyester resins can load in less time after installation. They are typically used in concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall construction. They come in syrupy liquid form. They are mixed with strong variable catalysts.

Polyester resins are versatile, used for heating up the curing mass. Usually, it is used for coating, and casting It is more powerful and toxic than acrylic resins. It smells pungent and has a yellow tinge.
Epoxy acrylates resins – Epoxy acrylate resins are the fastest resins to cure. They offer high characteristic loads at high characteristic loads. They are unsuitable for cracked concrete. It can bear high temperature.

It is a thermoplastic that can be manipulated repeatedly. Acrylates resins consist of acrylic polymer, a thin liquid, peroxide hardener etc. the ingredients are toxic in nature. The monomer and dust are toxic. Peroxides are explosive. They are so poisonous that it gets cause instant blindness when they come in contact with eyes. Epoxy resin are a little expensive than polyester resins. They have an excellent flexural strength.

Drawbacks of Epoxy Resins

One of the common disadvantages of epoxy resin is that it traps air bubbles and dust after it has dried. It can also hamper health seriously. It can irritate the eyes, skin and other body parts. Inhalation of epoxy dust can hamper the respiratory system by getting trapped in the mucus lining. They are easily inflamed. They are unsuitable for the respiratory system. The contractor needs to make sure that the temperature is low. Also, they need to use proper ventilation all the time.

Epoxy resin price in Bangladesh

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