Dampguard Product and price list

SL NO Product Name Description Pack size Pack price TK Unit Price TK
1 Damp Guard A100 Water-based Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating 20 kg
2 Damp Guard J300 Acrylic Multi-functional Polymer Waterproofing Coating 20 kg
3 Damp Guard Plug Rapid setting plugging mortar 5 kg
4 Damp Guard W200 PET Wet-applied self –adhesive waterproofing membrane 20 Sqm
5 Dampguard S2A Butyl Adhesive tape 15.00RFT
6 Dampguard HM 500 Epoxy Anchoring adhesive 490 ml
7 Epoxy injection Machine Crack repairing epoxy injection machine (mechinical) 1 set
8 Epoxy injection packer (Serinje with spring) Injection packer for crack repairing 1 set
9 Low viscous epoxy injection chemical Epoxy injection grout for crack repairing 20 liter
10 Epoxy anchoring gun 1 pcs
11 Pressure grout injection cum spray machine Pu spray and cementitious injection machine 1 set
12 Carbon fiber (wrapper) Carbon reinforced fiber for structural strengthening 200 gsm, 20 inch width 1075 sft
13 Carbon Fiber fabrick epoxy Carbon fiber fabric adhesive  Two component Part A Part B 30 kg
14 UD carbon fiber plate Carbon fiber plate 1.5 mm Thick 50 mm, 150mm. 54 sft
15 Carbon Plate epoxy Carbon fiber plate adhesive  Two component, Part A Part B 30 kg