Dampguard Product and price list

SL NOProduct NameDescriptionPack sizePack price TKUnit Price TK
1Damp Guard A100Water-based Polyurethane Waterproofing Coating20 kg
2Damp Guard J300Acrylic Multi-functional Polymer Waterproofing Coating20 kg
3Damp Guard PlugRapid setting plugging mortar5 kg
4Damp Guard W200PET Wet-applied self –adhesive waterproofing membrane20 Sqm
5Dampguard S2AButyl Adhesive tape15.00RFT
6Dampguard HM 500Epoxy Anchoring adhesive490 ml
7Epoxy injection MachineCrack repairing epoxy injection machine (mechinical)1 set
8Epoxy injection packer (Serinje with spring)Injection packer for crack repairing1 set
9Low viscous epoxy injection chemicalEpoxy injection grout for crack repairing20 liter
10Epoxy anchoring gun1 pcs
11Pressure grout injection cum spray machinePu spray and cementitious injection machine1 set
12Carbon fiber (wrapper)Carbon reinforced fiber for structural strengthening 200 gsm, 20 inch width1075 sft
13Carbon Fiber fabrick epoxyCarbon fiber fabric adhesive  Two component Part A Part B30 kg
14UD carbon fiber plateCarbon fiber plate 1.5 mm Thick 50 mm, 150mm.54 sft
15Carbon Plate epoxyCarbon fiber plate adhesive  Two component, Part A Part B30 kg