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At this time Best Retrofitting work chemicals in Bangladesh process retrofit (PR) is becoming a key issue for many existing industrial chemical processes due to the changing prices and market conditions, the emerging new design methodologies, as well as to environmental regulations. PR is sometimes far more complicated than process grassroots design, and it is usually team‐based work in which many departments and disciplines are concerned.

Thus, it is very important to rationally organize the work and cooperation of the team members involved in the project. In this paper, we present some insights on the significance of PR, the methods for identifying the bottlenecks, as well as the principles and strategies of completing a retrofit project. A systematic procedure for process retrofits is developed based on the experience of several industrial retrofit projects.

Retrofitting work chemicals

Chemical repairing reinforcement technology is a new type of reinforcement and reconstruction technology for reinforced concrete structures. It not only has the characteristics of convenient construction, small working face and high working efficiency, but also has the advantages of strong adaptability, wide application range, good integrity of anchorage structure and low cost.

The system treats a gas flow rate of around 50,000m3/h, with average concentrations of volatile organic compounds, NH3 and H2S, of around 10, 2, and <1 ppmv, respectively. The main actions undertaken during the conversion were the substitution of the recirculation pump and of the packing material and the modification of the makeup water and purge flow controls. Afterward, the reactor was inoculated with sludge obtained from a wastewater treatment facility and immediately started up as a trickling filter.

No significant operation issues were observed during the operation period, other than pH variations and a slight increase in pressure drop, proving that the biotrickling filter is a highly robust system. Relatively low removal efficiencies around 10 and 25% were found, for the volatile organic compounds and NH3, respectively. However, due to the low empty bed residence time, these corresponded to notable elimination capacities of around 18gC/m3h and 3gN/m3h. No nutrients were supplied to the bioreactor during the first 5months of operation other than those contained in the sludge employed as inoculum.

Retrofitting Analysis

Topshir Ahamed restricted will the retrofitting works being an area of vulnerability assessment. Every building has totally different approaches betting on the structural deficiencies. In the style of retrofitting approach, the engineers adjust to the minimum needs on the buildings codes, like deformation, detailing, strength, etc. safety consultants Bangladesh also assist the clients to urge approvals/permissions from several government departments relevant to the development activities.

Concrete admixture Bangladesh

Admixtures are natural or manufactured chemicals which are added to the concrete before or during mixing. The most often use admixtures are air-entraining agents, water reducers and accelerators.

Consult your ready mixed concrete supplier about which admixture may be appropriate for your application. Admixtures are evaluated for compatibility with cementitious materials, construction practices, job specifications, and economic benefits before being used.

Besides these standard types of admixtures, there are products available for enhancing concrete properties for a wide variety of applications. Some of these products include Corrosion inhibitors, hydration stabilizing or extended set retarding admixtures, admixtures to reduce the potential for alkali-aggregate reactivity, pumping aids, damp proofing admixtures and a variety of colors and products that enhance the aesthetics of concrete. Contact your local ready mixed concrete producer for more information on specialty admixture products to discuss the benefits they provide for your project.

Wall thickening technique of retrofitting

The existing walls of a building are added a certain thickness by adding bricks, concrete and steel aligned at certain places as reinforcement, such that the weight of wall increases and it can bear more vertical and horizontal loads, and also its designed under special conditions that the transverse loads do not cause sudden failure of the wall.

Methods of retrofitting of masonry building

A large part of the existing buildings in Iran is from the type of unreinforced masonry that has been designed and implemented in the absence of any seismic regulation which is known as the most vulnerable building against earthquake.

Public awareness of the consequences of the earthquake is relatively new in Iran and in addition, nature of earthquake and other limitations of engineering about these buildings show another perspective on this issue, the aim of this paper is to retrofitting the foundation of unreinforced masonry buildings that here in after briefly called masonry buildings and describes the methods previously used about this type of buildings completely and various methods of retrofitting the foundation of masonry buildings against seismic simulations are discussed and illustrated therein.

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