Waterproofing coatings are a kind of waterproof substance that prevents water penetration. They are ideal for basements, concrete coating, and brick. Topshir Ahmed Ltd is a highly rated supplier of Surface protective coating in Bangladesh.

What is a waterproof coating?

Exposure to water can damage many substances of a structure. Waterproof coatings imply to the materials that cover the surfaces to prevent water infiltration. Coatings come in waterproof paint, stain, acrylic polymers, or oils.

Construction workers conduct waterproofing coating with proper supplies. When the surface or object of construction comes in contact with water, the object may deteriorate. The waterproof coating can save wood, cement, or metal from the adverse effects of water exposure.

Waterproofing coating service from Topshir Ahmed LTD

Topshir Ahmed Ltd supplied highly stable Waterproof Chemical Coating. They are suitable for residential, commercial, hotels, industrial buildings. We have a wide variety of products available.
Our products can prevent and mend leakage of roof, wall, floor, bathroom, basement, swimming pool, etc
Protect your walls and roof and flooring from water ingress with a high-quality coating. Our easy-to-apply products can add a professional touch to your property. Our economical priced products can protect your property from damage.

Moreover, it is easier to clean the flooring after a coating operation. Waterproofing coating can hide the damage and imperfection in a presentable way.


Areas Of Concern

Basement structures
· Terrace, Balcony
· Wall-floor crevices
· Water Reservoir
· Structure Foundations
· Tunnels
· Kitchen, Bathroom

Benefits of Waterproof Coating

Coating on a building surface is an excellent idea. It is a finishing touch that makes a powerful statement. It protects the substrate from deteriorating from rain, UV rays, and other factors.

The surface of a building experience degradation over time owing to weather exposure. Waterproofing coating ensures a bright appearance. It enhances the appearance of whether it’s a home or industrial building.
The following are pros of surface coating

Less maintenance cost

Coatings protect and strengthen the substrate. There is the least chance of damage to the structure. It cuts off service costs almost by half.

Waterproofing coating ensures protection. And It requires maintenance less frequently.

Durable structure

Coating provides a long-lasting and stable solution. The coating makes the surface resistance to weather effects, scratches, and fading. The building remains new and bright. It provides more durability to the substrate.

Types of Waterproofing coating. Which one is best for you?

Maintenance is a crucial part of a building. Lack of maintenance can cause leakage and other damages. Exposure to water can cause various structural problems in a building.
You want the best option to get the most out of your property.

Waterproofing coating can help you in preventing and repairingthe damage. Choosing the right coating can help you in fighting or minimizing the harmful effects of water.

Most of the time, engineers tend to overlook the coating process. However, investing in a suitable coating method can benefit you much more than you think.

You need to the following points before selecting a coating system
· UV exposure
· Location
· Slope
· Cost

Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane coatings provide a highly durable roofing system for the most prolonged period. Experts consider them the most advanced roof coatings. They are perfect for high stress, on wall flashings or expansion and contraction. The high capacity of standing the UV rays make it appropriate for outdoor application.

Acrylic coatings

Acrylic coatings are water-based and cost-effective. That is why they are the most common type of roof coatings. They are economical and significantly reduce the cost of cooling down.

Acrylic coatings contain high levels of additives. They resist corrosion and protect the surface from Uv rays. They cool down the rooftop. This increases the lifespan of the rooftop.

Bituminous membrane sheets

Bituminous membrane sheets are a widely known waterproofing system. They are quite outdated. Bituminous membrane sheets have some limitations. For example, they do not have secure UV protection.

The advanced technology is trying to provide us with better alternatives. There are many kinds of Bituminous membrane sheets. They come in different sizes.

Silane based nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is not entirely reliable. They only work for subgrade structures. They can not cover the cracks in construction.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy-based coatings are effective weather resistant. Epoxy coatings can combat the highest temperature than other coatings. The formulation of Epoxy coatings can produce flexible coatings for different environments.

Epoxy coatings are cheaper and easy to install. The shorter installation time cuts down labor costs significantly. Epoxy coatings can be used as two parts or three parts system.

The two-component system is easier to apply than the three parts system. Additionally, finishing coats enhances the appearance of the substrate. finishing coats

Alkyd coatings

Alkyd coatings take a longer time to dry than other coatings. The manufacturers adjust the components to make them flexible to a variety of external conditions. They are suitable for any interior or exterior, underwater surface.

Zinc Coatings

Zinc coatings are rich in zinc dust. They are of two types. Organic and inorganic. Organic coatings use Zinc coatings. In contrast, inorganic coatings contain silicate binders.

Zinc-rich coatings effectively resist abrasion. Zinc-rich coatings can provide galvanic and barrier protection. They are ideal, particularly for steel substrate.

Recent Advancement in coating technology has improved deteriorate. They are vital in overcoming construction challenges. There are several types of technologies available.

Understanding the difference makes you aware of your needs. It is best to contact an expert to choose what works best for you.